InnoDB: A journey to the core: At the MySQL Conference

Next week is the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013.

Davi Arnaut and I are co-presenting InnoDB: A journey to the core, based on my InnoDB blog series by the same name. We will (fairly quickly) cover InnoDB’s storage formats as described in those posts, but in an interactive format. There will be some new material that hasn’t been blogged yet (mostly stuff that is more difficult to explain or has been incompletely described in innodb_diagrams). Most importantly, Davi and I will be available for questions, and hopefully some of the InnoDB developers will stop by as well!

You might have seen my previous post about Julian Cash “white background” community photos at Percona Live MySQL Conference — Take a moment to help out by funding Julian’s photography at the conference, if you can! I’d really love to see a bunch of new MySQL community photos!

See you there!

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