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Jeremy lives with his wife Adrienne, his son Liam, his two daughters Evelynne and Madeleine, and several cats on a ranch in Virginia City Highlands, Nevada. On July 10, 2004, Adrienne Wilson and Jeremy Cole were married in Clarksville, Tennessee. Their first child, Liam Alexander was born on March 2, 2007 in Reno, Nevada. Their second child, Evelynne Sofia was born on January 6, 2010 in San Jose, California. Their third child, Madeleine Noelle was born on December 10, 2011 in San Jose, California. Jeremy frequents the Kiva.org web site, always looking for new entrepreneurs to fund; check his Kiva lender profile to see his recent loans. Jeremy is an Instrument-Rated Private Pilot, Airplane, Single Engine, Land and flies frequently from Carson City (KCXP). Jeremy volunteers with and mentors middle- and high-school robotics teams in electromechanical, Java programming, CAD, 3D printing, and CNC manufacturing through the FIRST Tech Challenge program and frequently has his mind occupied by something robot-related.

Professional Bio (long)

Jeremy Cole is a long-time MySQL Geek and a pioneer of MySQL scalability. Jeremy started his MySQL adventure in 2000, as the fourteenth employee of a fledgling Swedish database company MySQL AB. During more than four years there, he worked on documentation, development, support, and managing the training and consulting organization. After MySQL, Jeremy coined the “MySQL Geek” title at Yahoo!, and then went on to found and run Proven Scaling providing advanced MySQL consulting. After consulting for several years, Jeremy joined Twitter and ran the DBA team there for more than three years, then went on to spend four years working on MySQL and Cloud SQL at Google. Following Google, Jeremy spent a year on a personally-funded sabbatical working on personal projects and volunteering with and mentoring FIRST Tech Challenge middle- and high-school robotics teams. Jeremy currently works as a Sr. Production Engineering Lead in the Datastores team at Shopify.

Professional Bio (short)

Jeremy Cole is a pioneer of MySQL scalability having worked on MySQL for 19 years at MySQL AB, Yahoo!, Proven Scaling (providing advanced MySQL consulting), Twitter, Google, and now working as a Sr. Staff Production Engineer in the Datastores team at Shopify.

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