Need help?

I am currently (intentionally) unemployed on sabbatical, and I am available for occasional consulting work – just email me.

In addition, see below if your needs are simple:

How I can help you

I am happy to spend some of my time, and it presents no conflicts for me, to answer questions and provide advice in various public forums. Your best bet would be to write up your question (be as specific as possible) on StackOverflow and tag it appropriately (“mysql”, “innodb”, etc.) and then send me a link to that post. I’ll do my best to answer it, and everyone can benefit from the answer for years to come.

I also occasionally lurk on IRC in Freenode #mysql and #maria channels. Feel free to message me privately there if I don’t seem to be around.

If you are really desperate and have a specific and somehow confidential question, you can also email me your question directly. I will try to answer, but I cannot promise any reply.

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