Speaking at OSCON 2010

I am speaking in a few days at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon. My talk, “MySQL Bottleneck Hunters – How Schooner Increased MySQL Performance by 8x” is about how Schooner optimized MySQL to run on modern hardware with flash memory. Come on by if you’re at OSCON!

Here’s the abstract:

MySQL Bottleneck Hunters – How Schooner Increased MySQL Performance by 8x — Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 11:30am

MySQL users have an insatiable need for speed, capacity, and availability, all at a reasonable cost. This session will provide technical overview of the approach that Schooner engineering took to optimize MySQL Enterprise and InnoDB with flash memory, multi-core processors, and DRAM to achieve an 8x improvement in performance relative to existing systems.

This session will provide a crash course in the performance tuning tools and techniques that Schooner used to radically improve MySQL performance on commodity hardware. It will also offer an overview of the results that were achieved, and compare these results to other commonly deployed MySQL server architectures, including stock MySQL on SSDs and Fusion-io, using the industry-standard DBT2 benchmark.

4 thoughts on “Speaking at OSCON 2010

  1. Jeremy – your title implies that you will provide some details on what was changed. Is that correct? If so this will be a very interesting talk.

    • Mark,

      I will touch on some of the technical *approaches* but not really low-level details on code changes. For someone like yourself, it’s probably not up to your level. But you can come by to mock and/or cheer if you like! :)



  2. Jeremy, I did not get a chance to attend your talk but looking at the slides it seems that it would be very interesting to me.

    I am wondering if it was recorded or available elsewhere as a webcast ?

    • Hi Mis Tigi:

      I’m not aware that it was recorded by anyone. If you happen to be from the Bay Area, I’ll probably be doing it again as a meetup sometime soon, though! :)



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