Want to host the MySQL mirror/archive?

For a few years now Proven Scaling has been hosting the MySQL mirror/archive at mirror.provenscaling.com, which provides mainly older MySQL releases (which have been removed from MySQL’s mirror long ago) and MySQL Enterprise releases for the last few years.

Since Proven Scaling has been winding down (and we’ve started paying the bills personally), it doesn’t really make sense for us to maintain as large of a colocation footprint as we have. We’re looking to shift things around, and the mirror is something that’s fairly painful for us to host with a small footprint. We’re hoping another MySQL community member with an already-large datacenter/bandwidth footprint will want to pick it up, where it won’t affect their bottom line so much.

I think there’s still some value in having these files be available, so I’m reluctant to just shut it down (but if no one is interested, that may happen).

Some basic stats about the mirror (for July, 2010):

  • Data size: ~305G
  • Hits: 232,242
  • Transfer/mo: ~703G (this is pretty variable, and was ~1.23TB in May)
  • Transfer/day: ~22G avg, ~71G max

I’d be happy to provide file listings and Webalizer stats to interested parties. I will also note that a lot of the data transfer seems to be junk traffic from Asia, although I’m not sure what can be done to minimize this. Ideally we would arrange to rsync the full data set to a server somewhere (or provide ssh access for you to do the same), and you’d maintain the mirror as necessary going forward. We’re happy also to point mirror.provenscaling.com at the new home.

If you’re interested, email me at jeremy@jcole.us.

3 thoughts on “Want to host the MySQL mirror/archive?

  1. Jeremy,

    I sent you an email about this. We are willing and excited to host the archive (as we’ve used it many times) and have plenty of spare bandwidth/space in our datacenters.


  2. Jeremy,

    Is this just a regular mirror of MySQL? If so, Technocation is already running one, and has specially linked older versions that aren’t linked from the mirror site any more.

    The mirror site is at: http://technocation.org/mirror/mysql/

    The 4.1 downloads are at: http://technocation.org/mirror/MySQL-4.1/

    In fact, I even bought http://www.mysqlmirrors.com and pointed it to the list of official mirror pages (on the Technocation mirror site, so that if the site is down anyone can use http://www.mysqlmirrros.com).

    I set that up in January when the website was down for a bit, as per http://www.technocation.org/content/mysql-site-down%3F-can%2526%2523039%3Bt-get-mysql-docs%3F-technocation-has-mirror!

    At any rate, as Technocation has the bandwidth (as a not-for-profit we have both donors and reduced rates), and has proven itself as a stable organization since its inception in 2007 — we have quietly done a lot, including being the fiscal sponsor for OS Bridges, which has quite a large budget.

    If you would like, feel free to point http://mirror.provenscaling.com/mysql to Technocation’s mirror.

    I am happy to also do the yum packages, just let me know how I can copy them (and update them), and I’ll create everything under technocation.org/mirror/ that you have under http://mirror.provenscaling.com

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