So quiet…

This week, we have both Monday and Friday off, making for a rather short week. Since there are only three days off in between two four-day weekends, lots of people are on vacation this week. During lunch today, one of my coworkers made an observation:

Guy: It’s so quiet and empty and easy to get lunch today, it kind of makes you wish for a big layoff…
Me: … That’s going on my quotes page …

Awesome. He’s right, though, it’s pretty nice for it to be empty sometimes, but certainly a layoff wouldn’t be so good. :)

A subpoena?

Overheard today from the stairwell:

Muffled voices from person on “push-to-talk” cell phone.
Guy: I’m sorry, did you say a subpoena?

Most annoying noise, bar none: push-to-talk in a concrete stairwell.

He’s Not Moving

We’re moving cubes tomorrow. All of us but the manager, it seems… hah.

Manager: [exasperated] I’m not moving. I’m not on the move list!
Employee: Isn’t that a good thing?
Manager: No! I’m supposed to be moving! I don’t want to be the only one left over here!

I’m sure they’ll sort it out. :)