So quiet…

This week, we have both Monday and Friday off, making for a rather short week. Since there are only three days off in between two four-day weekends, lots of people are on vacation this week. During lunch today, one of my coworkers made an observation:

Guy: It’s so quiet and empty and easy to get lunch today, it kind of makes you wish for a big layoff…
Me: … That’s going on my quotes page …

Awesome. He’s right, though, it’s pretty nice for it to be empty sometimes, but certainly a layoff wouldn’t be so good. :)

2 thoughts on “So quiet…

  1. heh,

    As a survivor of the last one, no, no you don’t want to have a layoff.

    As an insanely paranoid individual, don’t you believe I don’t think about that all the time.

    Still, it’s really nice to have a few uninterrupted days I can use to work on lots of stuff. No meetings, no distractions, just the occasional profanity as a program fails to compile. Maybe we can convince everyone else to work from home next year.

  2. Out in the orbiter buildings it’s like that every day. We have parking, no lines for lunch, and it’s quiet enough in the cafeteria to actually have a conversation.

    It’s well worth the occasional long walk to civilization. :)

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