Wrong Audience?

Last night, Adrienne and I went to see War of the Worlds, which was pretty decent. What I really noticed, however, is that in the advertisements before the movie, there were two that caught my eye: “We’re Hiring” ads from Foundry Networks and eBay/Paypal. This had me confused. Is a theater, with all the high schoolers and such, really the best place to try to find the guy to design your next load balancer?

Isn’t there a better audience to be had? Even a single billboard, placed near the commute path to e.g. Juniper Networks would seem to be better focused. Adrienne says I “think too much”.

One Night of Shopping

As I’ve mentioned before, the freaks seem to come out at night to go shopping. Last night, Adrienne and I went to Safeway and Walgreens. At Safeway we saw:

  1. A somewhat beat-up truck parked in the middle of 4 parking spots, haphazard and diagonal. The man who parked it appeared to be intoxicated.
  2. A woman who was extremely impatient to buy a giant bottle of Bacardi Rum.
  3. A man riding his shopping cart into the parking lot… why does driving the shopping cart bring out the child in everyone?

We went on to Walgreens, and behind us in line was this couple. The man, who seemed to be called “Boo” was groping the woman, and they were “whispering” (and I use that term lightly) sweet nothings. Of course they were talking loud enough for at least me to hear them, a few feet in front of them. Some excerpts:

Man: Come on baby…
Woman: Everything you can do for me, I can do for myself!
Man: Nuh uh baby, nuh uh
Woman: Oh yes, everything you can do, I can do myself!
Man: That’s not true…
Woman: Oh yes it is!

Woman: You got some pornos at your house?
Man: Uh huh
Woman: Mmm some booty movies
Man: Uh huh

[outside, in the parking lot, man still groping woman]
Woman: Stop, Boo! Fuck!
[fighting ensues, we exit quickly]

By the way, new categories for California and Freaks.