Wrong Audience?

Last night, Adrienne and I went to see War of the Worlds, which was pretty decent. What I really noticed, however, is that in the advertisements before the movie, there were two that caught my eye: “We’re Hiring” ads from Foundry Networks and eBay/Paypal. This had me confused. Is a theater, with all the high schoolers and such, really the best place to try to find the guy to design your next load balancer?

Isn’t there a better audience to be had? Even a single billboard, placed near the commute path to e.g. Juniper Networks would seem to be better focused. Adrienne says I “think too much”.

One thought on “Wrong Audience?

  1. If you ever get a chance to, listen to the old audio recording of the original War of the Worlds. It’s pretty good, and people throught it was really happening when they heard it on the radio.

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