Coolest Bum Ever

This guy ruled. We saw him around Union Square, San Francisco, California. He was actually really funny, talking to and about everyone passing by, and singing songs like “You’re a Cheap Bastard”. “I like money… I even like Euros!”

Best… bum… ever! We gave him a dollar for the entertainment value.

Thirteen Miles

So I used GMaps Pedometer today to map a possible route to bike all the way to work (which is my goal). Come to find out, it’s only 13.2 miles! I expected it would be more like 17 miles. I am so on it!

Check out the bike-safe route map I created:

Start at 942 Willowleaf Dr., San Jose, CA
Left on Leigh Ave.
Left on Fruitdale Ave.
Right on Bascom Ave.
Left on Moorpark Ave.
Right on San Tomas Expressway
Left on Monroe St.
Continue onto Reed Ave (cross Lawrence Expressway)
Right on E. Evelyn Ave.
Right on N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Right on Ahwanee Ave.
Take Pedestrian Overpass (over Highway 101)
Right on N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Continue onto E. Java Dr. (cross Highway 237)
Continue onto W. Java Dr. (cross N. Borregas Ave.)
Right into Yahoo Offices

Pretty easy!

Stealing Shopping Carts

It seems to be a California thing. I’ve never seen it happen so frequently anywhere else. I remember after first moving here, I wondered how it was that shopping carts get distributed all over town, so far from the stores. I figured it must have been homeless people… you often see homeless people with carts full of cans, bottles, etc.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed that what appear to be normal, sane people apparently walking to the store, buying more than they can carry, and taking the cart home with them. What .. the .. hell?

No, of course, they do not return them. I suspect that’s where the homeless people get them, not from the store, but from in front of people’s houses and apartments, where they left them. Maybe these people think there’s a cart pickup service? After all, when they leave the carts outside their front door, they disappear.

People are stupid.

Taking the Train to Work

Reasons to take the train to work:

  1. It’s cheaper than driving.
  2. It forces you to get to work and home at about the same time every day.
  3. It’s environmentally friendly.
  4. Twice a day, you can slip off into lala-land and pretend you’re touring Europe.
  5. You can do real work while the train conductor drives for you.
  6. You only have to get gas once every few weeks.
  7. You meet nice and friendly people on the bus, train, and shuttle.
  8. Your Caltrain monthly pass is also good for getting to bars nearby on weekdays, and in San Francisco on weekends.
  9. You don’t have to circle the (full) parking lot looking for a spot.

Ahhhh yes.