Speaking at this year’s MySQL conference

For this year’s Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo 2014 (PLMCE), Davi Arnaut and I submitted a couple of co-speaking sessions proposals, both of which were accepted. Please come and see us and learn some more about InnoDB at the following sessions:

InnoDB: A journey to the core II

In this new installment of the series, we explore the most crucial structures for crash recovery and consistency, the redo and undo logs. This presentation dissects the structure and organization of InnoDB’s redo and undo logs, providing insight into how data changes occur at the InnoDB layer and how it guarantees that it can recover to a consistent state in the event of a crash. This presentation will increase your understanding of how data travels through InnoDB.

InnoDB: A hands-on exploration of on-disk storage with innodb_ruby

Last year, we demoed innodb_ruby in InnoDB: A journey to the core with very small snippets; this year we’ll walk you through exploring InnoDB’s on-disk storage for yourself. We’ll provide sample data files and a working environment for you to explore along with us, and demonstrate usage of the tool’s many features in realistic scenarios.

The innodb_ruby library and tools can be used to:

  • Understand byte-by-byte the exact data stored in InnoDB files, pages, and records.
  • Make better informed decisions about database and schema design.
  • Discover the storage efficiency of InnoDB for different table schemas.
  • Uncover storage-related bugs and problems with different table schemas and access patterns.

In addition to the provided data files, feel free to bring your own computer, data files, and create table statements (nothing confidential, please!) and we’ll help you get set up to explore them on your own. We’ll be on-hand to explain and answer any questions you may have about InnoDB storage internals.

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