On early MySQL development hostnames

While reading through the manual I ran across something I had totally forgotten about from the early MySQL days. Early on, Monty (or was it Jani?) decided to name many development servers variants of “bitch” in different languages. I have no idea what the back-story was, but maybe Monty or Jani can fill it in. All of these names live on all over the place, such as in the MySQL and InnoDB documentation, bug reports, and mailing list messages. See:

  • bitch.mysql.fi — English, of course.
  • hundin.mysql.fiGerman
  • hynda.mysql.fiSwedish
  • narttu.mysql.fiFinnish
  • tik.mysql.fiSwedish
  • tramp.mysql.fi — English, probably. Similar in meaning to some slang uses of “bitch”.

There are a few honorable mentions, which I’m not sure are variants of “bitch”, but very well could be:

  • donna.mysql.fi
  • mashka.mysql.fi
  • mishka.mysql.fi

It’s funny to see how those names live on in “infamy” on Google. Try searching for any of them like “+mysql +hundin“.

5 thoughts on “On early MySQL development hostnames

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  2. Roland: Yes, at least the Finnish narttu (which might be the original?) is what you call a female dog. It does also have the other meaning of the word “bitch”, but out of context you wouldn’t think of it that way. “Tik” is purely about dogs.

    At Monty Program, our main linux shell machine is known as Hasky. When we started using a cloud provider last year, Daniel and Bryan made up their own history and adopted icelandic words as hostnames.

    • Henrik, Roland: In English, “bitch” absolutely means “female dog”, same as the others, but of course it’s now used so frequently, and almost exclusively as slang, that it’s a bit jarring to hear it used to refer to an actual dog. :)

  3. hmm and the slang “bitch” is a derogatory term for women (tho sometimes for a feminine man). While the verb for bitch (bitching) refers to whining & as we all know both men & women whine….

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