Disparity with the Advertised Flavor

Today, on Yahoo Messenger, a coworker was relating the story of a mysterious candy…

Guy: anyway he will try to sell you on the scientific merits of eating this particular candy
Guy: don’t believe him, it’s all lies
Guy: just a warning.
Me: haha
Me: not very good eh?
Guy: First off, they are incredibly chalky.
Guy: Second, they don’t taste anything like the advertised flavor (peach cobbler, key lime pie, etc.)
Guy: Third, the primary ingredient (mannitol) is a laxative.
Guy: also used to cut heroin, but that’s neither here nor there.
Me: haha
Guy: anyway they are some seriously gross and wrong candy.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. :)

One thought on “Disparity with the Advertised Flavor

  1. No need for anonymity, I freely admit to being “Guy” in this post.

    I know we all live in a crazy mixed-up world… all I’m saying is, when it comes to bad candy, sometimes a man’s got to take a stand.

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