Vasona Light Rail Extension Opened

This weekend, the VTA‘s Vasona Light Rail Extension was finally completely opened!

The Fruitdale station is a short 10-minute walk from our apartment, and takes me all the way north to Mountain View with no transfers. It takes 56 minutes to get to the Lockheed Martin station, nearest to Yahoo!, so it’s pretty comparable to taking the bus, train, and employee shuttle. The nice thing, though, is that I’ll get a solid hour to work instead of several 10-15 minute blocks.

The other upsides: It’s about 5 minutes from here to downtown San Jose, it runs every 15-30 minutes most of the time, and it runs from 5am to midnight, seven days a week. No more taxis back from San Jose Diridon unless we arrive after midnight!

What do you think?

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