Weber Baby Q

Well, it turns out, sometimes I just have to be a follower instead of a leader. :)

Jeremy Zawodny recently mentioned that he really liked the Weber Baby Q grill, and I looked around a bit at that point. I really like the concept of the Baby Q, being really portable and quite a good grill.

It got almost completely 100% positive reviews on Amazon, and everyone seems to love it. It’s only $130 ($127.95 on Amazon, $129.99 at Sears) so I figured what the heck, I should get one. We happened to go by a Sears, so I picked one up yesterday. I’ll have to say, people were right, it’s really nice.

I’m looking forward to many trips this summer to “picnic” with a portable grill. :) I still need to pick up the adapter hose and a 20lb tank to go with mine, but I think one of the stronger points of this grill is that you can use either the big tank, or the super-portable 1lb tanks.

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