R.I.P. – Linksys WAP11 (Wireless Access Point) and Linksys BEFSR41 (EtherFast Cable/DSL Router). You’ve given many good days of service and I appreciate all your efforts. May you rest in peace.

Lightning seems to have hit something (our roof?) and killed a few small but important electronics. Still investigating, but everything else seems OK.

If you have any sites hosted on my servers, you will need to update your DNS (ask me) as the IP has changed to

Update: The onboard Ethernet controller on my desktop machine can rest in peace as well. Now substituted by a trusty spare 3Com 3C905B I had laying around.

Update: A set of outlets on the kitchen island is also out.

Update: The outlet is fine, the GFCI outlet in the kitchen was on the same circuit and flipped. The TV, however, is very interesting colors.

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