Who won?

There are a number of polls asking who won the Presidential Debate last night:

CNN Poll: Who won the second presidential debate?

See the results.

Fox News Poll: Who won Friday night’s presidential debate?

See the results.

MSNBC Poll: Who won the debate?

Vote to see the results. Update: Oops, seems they took it down now…

Update: There seems to be something fishy with the polls, especially on CNN and Fox News (surprise, right?)… When I first checked the CNN poll, the results were something like 75-22 Kerry, and then some hours later, I looked again 55-42 Kerry, and now it’s 57-41 Bush… I suppose it’s possible that such things could happen, but what makes it even more confusing is that I could’ve sworn there were 800,000+ votes when I first checked it (which is consistent with CNN’s traffic, and previous polls).

Later (when it was 55-42 Kerry) there were only 600,000 votes. Now they are at 1.25M votes… if Kerry had 75% of 800,000 votes, that would be 600,000 votes… which is more than he has now (currently 523,644…)


Update: Interesting… with some URL twiddling, I found this poll.

What do you think?

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