Presidential Debate, Part 2

The Presidential Debate last night was interesting.

It was supposed to be a “town hall” format debate, with audience members asking the questions. With all due respect, the American public CAN’T READ. I felt like I was back in 5th grade reading class again, where they force the worst readers in the class to alternate reading parts of a story. Great practice reading, for them, but everyone else is confused as hell about the actual story. OK, back to the debate…

George Bush seemed really angry a lot of the time. He cut off the audience members while they were asking their questions, before they had finished speaking, he would start in on his answer. He made a lot of jokes about Kerry and about the questions. At one point, he cut off the moderator and completely disregarded him.

John Kerry was overall polite, waited for people to ask their questions, thanked the audience members for their questions, and was even polite to Bush. He respected the rules of the debate and succinctly said his peace. He didn’t get upset, didn’t yell, make faces, or interrupt anyone. Overall completely professional.

What a contrast. Bush continues to embarrass me, while Kerry continues to impress me. I don’t know anyone who could stand there and just politely take the lies about themselves from their debate partner, and then just calmly answer them, without getting angry or showing any lack of professionalism.

Bush doesn’t think the rules apply to him, at the debate, or anywhere else. He just runs rampant and does what he wants, disregarding those that are there to mediate (UN, anyone?). Typical, really.

What do you think?

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