darkened wings, the sky
the land below
and setting sun subside

end of day and start of night
stars begin to shine

stars above and stars below
pillows in between

homeward head we all tonight
the journey now to end


to be so tied up in a knot
to feel no freedom, so
to love restricted by a leash
the least of which you know

tomorrow’s day you may not have
today may be the last
but make life yours and yours alone
and do not fill a caste

o how glorious, divine
the feelings you can feel
to know what only you can know
to make life feel so real

until you feel the feeling of
unrestricted uncontrolled
love in this, that truest sense
life unbridled hence


the darkened skies
no lamp-lit way
the glowing doth subside

it doesn’t see
the sky because of it

they run
they hide with candle neigh
a fear of dark, of lightlessness

so foolish
so unwise, to see
afforded opportunities, that

were missed
because of rationality
left behind in solemn certainty

that the next
would rob them blind