January 2011 MySQL Meetup: Clustrix

Clustrix will be presenting at this month’s Silicon Valley MySQL Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA. Stop by if you can!

Paul Mikesell (CEO and VP Engineering) and Aaron Passey (CTO) will be discussing the unique architecture behind Clustrix’s massively scalable, distributed, MySQL-compatible database solution. They will talk about how the company has addressed the common challenges associated with achieving massive scale for transactional (OLTP) relational workloads.

Prior to developing the Clustrix solution over the past four years, Paul was co-founder of Isilon Systems, just acquired by EMC in December 2010 for $2.25B and still has the largest clustering capability (>120 nodes) of any NAS solution.

Read more and RSVP on Meetup.com!

An offer to sponsor your MySQL Meetup

If you participate at all in the MySQL Meetup circuit, by now it’s likely you’ve heard that the agreement currently in place between Meetup.com and MySQL/Sun is expiring quite soon. Because of that, MySQL Meetups which used to be free for organizers are reverting to paid status very soon (costing the organizer at least $12 per month). MySQL Meetup organizers (like myself) have received an email from Meetup.com giving them 7 days warning. MySQL/Sun have suggested that all MySQL Meetups move to Facebook.

I don’t know all of the details of MySQL and Meetup.com’s prior arrangement for this sponsorship, but from what I gather it did not involve MySQL paying $12 per month for each Meetup—I suspect it was a free/barter agreement. I specifically don’t know Meetup.com’s side of the story; but it doesn’t matter. I feel that Meetup.com has always provided a useful, functional, and fairly priced service. It was nice that it used to be free for MySQL Meetups, but nonetheless it’s a service I’m willing to pay for (and I did, for a few months, before I found out that they could be free).

In fact, I’m willing to do more. I think, given the pittance of a cost involved, it is entirely unnecessarily disruptive to the MySQL community to expect all MySQL Meetups to move to a new service… and I’m going to continue to use Meetup.com for the Silicon Valley MySQL Meetup. Furthermore, I am willing to personally sponsor about 10 other MySQL Meetups around the world.

So, to that end: If you are a MySQL Meetup organizer, and you would prefer to continue using Meetup.com to organize your meetings, please contact me. We can work out the details, and I will pay for a handful of you. Please send me at least the URL to your Meetup, so I can check it out. I’m looking to sponsor interesting and active Meetups, not necessarily idle Meetups that have never actually had a meeting. However, you can be anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to be a particularly large group.

I have been discussing this offer (before publication) with Peter Zaitsev of Percona, and he is willing to sponsor a few MySQL Meetups as well.

Thanks, and have fun meeting up!

MySQL Meetup Silicon Valley: Tonight at Google

I haven’t written anything in a while about the MySQL Meetup I host in Silicon Valley, but I though the new year would be a good time to invite everyone to attend.

The Silicon Valley MySQL Meetup is hosted at Google’s campus in Mountain View. We regularly have open Q&A sessions, where we collect everyone’s questions, and then go through them one by one discussing, answering, and adding more questions. We stop when we run out of questions, or time. (Usually time runs out first.) Sometimes we’ll have myself or someone else with an official presentation.

Come on out for tonight’s Meetup (open Q&A), I’ll see you there!

MySQL Meetup Silicon Valley now at Google

For the past year I’ve been running the MySQL Meetup Silicon Valley, and it’s been fun. We normally either have open discussion, or a scheduled topic. I often present something. Starting with the February 12 Meetup we will be meeting at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA. (Thanks, Google!)

Feel free to come on down or up to Mountain View and hang out with us on the second Monday of each month! Wanna speak at one of the Meetups? Let me know!