Join me… Invest in Humanity, too

In Invest in Humanity 2016 I introduced my project to “invest” an initial $60,000, by supporting groups/organizations all around the country, with a singular goal: to improve humanity. It’s still going strong, in fact we’ve now given about 75% of the budget—almost $47,000—to 118 different organizations. You can read a bit more and see the current list of organizations and causes we’ve supported at

Will you join me, and Invest in Humanity, too?

I started this project as an experiment, and with the hope that I could inspire at least a few others to follow me, and invest in humanity along with me. It’s going to take a little bit from a lot of us to make a dent in really improving and furthering humanity. So now I’d like to put out a call to do just that: Will you choose to invest in bettering humanity? I’d love to see people join me at both ends of the scale spectrum:

If you can make one small donation to just one organization which helps/benefits people in other areas or circumstances, every bit helps.

If, however, you have the resources to do something bigger and grander… perhaps even similar to what I’ve been doing, I’d be happy to talk to you about how it’s worked and help you along, or even do much of the work for you. Feel free to reach out to me any time at

With all of your help, we can and we will build a society that is collectively better than any of us could be individually.

What do you think?

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