Migrating to WordPress.com hosting

As I get older I realize how much I don’t want my personal life to feel like my work life. I’ve been running my own WordPress.org installation for years, and it’s been easy and not really a problem. However it does also mean maintaining Linux, Apache, PHP, and other supporting infrastructure, and keeping things updated and upgraded all the time. My usage of WordPress is remarkably simplistic, so I really don’t need to do all of that. I decided to migrate to a paid WordPress.com hosted account instead.

As part of this migration I also changed the URL structure a bit, to match WordPress.com’s directory structure and make things simpler (and easier to move in the future if I want to). There is a mod_rewrite redirector in place to keep the old URLs working forever. (I hope.) The changes are:

  • Moving from jcole.us/blog to blog.jcole.us.
  • Removing archives/ from the permalink path structure.
  • Simplifying the theme a bit. It’s pretty generic right now, but I’ll fix it up some more in the future.

What do you think?

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