Now available: Proven Scaling MySQL yum repository

Yum is an extremely popular system to download, install, and update RPM-based packages from multiple repositories. Proven Scaling has launched a set of repositories to augment the existing central distributions’ repositories with packages our customers need for deploying MySQL-based systems. We’ve been working on it for a while, and have had many people making use of it. We are providing:

  • RPMs of community and enterprise releases of MySQL for RHEL/CentOS, as built by MySQL and distributed on
  • RPMs of community tools such as maatkit and innotop and their dependencies.
  • Proven Scaling-created tools such as mysql_snapshot (an LVM snapshot-based backup utility).
  • Difficult to find RPMs of Perl libraries (dependencies for other scripts, such as innotop).

Here are the yum repositories we are providing:

To install these repositories, grab the .repo file and place it in /etc/yum.repos.d/. You should then be able to install packages using e.g. yum install maatkit. Here are the .repo files:

We hope you like them and find them useful! Let me know if there are any additional packages you think we should add.

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