Yahoo! Mash: Officially Lame

A week ago I got a useless invite for Yahoo! Mash — useless since the service wasn’t open even by invitation yet, and required a Yahoo! Backyard (employee only) login. The service has now officially launched, so I gave my invite a try again, and it worked! It’s invitation-only, so forgive me if you can’t follow along.

There seems to be a damn good reason it is invitation-only… it is totally lame. It is nowhere near ready for the public, embarrassingly so. It’s kind of amusing actually. Lots of things are broken, several things want you to type in e.g. size of pictures in pixels. The lameness comes from many things, not the least of which is that it comes with a “Mash Pet” which is kind of a Tamagotchi composed of pictures of a whiteboard smiley face.

The service overall is like a mix between MySpace and Facebook, and overall pretty lame. Actually, the only thing that it seems to have that is innovative (and a feature people have been wanting for YEARS) is a “this is fugly” link to turn off the custom styling of a profile. Yawn.

6 thoughts on “Yahoo! Mash: Officially Lame

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  2. Well, another step out of reality. Every year they’ll re-write their social network with (some of) the latest cool stuff from other networks and force you to migrate manually.

    The same with email, every year they acquire some mail company and re-write the interface, now it’s the time of Zimbra (lame lame lame!)

    While Yahoo! is being lame (again) Google just launched a new cool product (again): presentations on Google docs… it’s a bit raw but should improve in the next months…

  3. I played around with it for a while. It is completely retarded. There are far more interesting social networks out there and the more of these projects come out of First Avenue, the more dubious I am about whether or not Yahoo has the leadership to innovate any further in the technology sphere.

    My Yawnhoo! Mash profile.

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