MySQL Job Fair at MySQL Conf & Expo 2007

One of the main questions we get at Proven Scaling is “Where do we find MySQL DBAs, Architects, and Developers?”

Next week is the MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, California. Inspired by the success of our impromptu job board at MySQL Camp last year (although whiteboards with no moderation tend to get messy), we decided to make a more formal job board this year. Something much more prominent, more organized, cleaner, and easier for both employers and job seekers to use. With great thanks to Solid for allowing us to use some of their Expo Hall space, we will have a formal job board in the Expo Hall, which is open April 24th and 25th.

We will have several “wall” panels at the edge of Solid’s Expo Hall space, and a kiosk (with Internet access) where you can enter your own job postings on the spot. Each posting will be printed out as a nice PDF, which will be mounted on the wall, and take-away cards will be printed with your contact information for candidates to take with them.

Posting your open jobs is completely FREE as a service to the community.

If you’re not going to the conference yourself, you just want to get your posting in early (please do!), or you want to post from the comfort of your own computer, head over to ExpoJobFair and sign up to post your open jobs!

What do you think?

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