Love your Free Ride entries; Keep them coming!

So far we have received 16 entries for the Proven Scaling Free Ride to MySQL Conference and Expo 2007, which will be in Santa Clara, California, April 23-26. (A recap: We are providing free airfare, hotel, meals, and a full conference pass to three people who impress us with their submissions.) A few of the submissions so far have had the panel laughing hysterically (and we DO appreciate a bit of humour in our judging). A few of you have not tried at all. I thought I’d provide some tips on what helps and what hurts as you submit your entries:

  • Helps: Showing that you have a sense of humour, and can tell a good story.
  • Hurts: Leaving all of the entry blanks empty.
  • Helps: Showing some humility, and that you will appreciate the free ride.
  • Hurts: Not knowing what the conference is about.
  • Helps: Telling us a little about how you intend to spend your time at the conference if you are chosen.

Submit your entry today! The deadline is this Friday, March 23rd at midnight PDT (GMT-7)!

What do you think?

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