Jeremy 2.0: Liam Alexander

Exciting news! Adrienne is resting and I hold in my arms (typing this with one hand): Liam Alexander Cole, born on Friday, March 2nd at 15:31 PST (GMT-0800). He weighs 7 lbs 11.5 oz (3501 g) and is 18.75 inches (47.6 cm) long/tall.

Sorry for miscategorizing this in the “MySQL” category — I wanted everyone to see it even if they just follow me through Planet MySQL!

18 thoughts on “Jeremy 2.0: Liam Alexander

  1. Congratulations!

    Have you started teaching him MySQL yet?

    So much for due dates, eh? ;-)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. To answer the question of storage engines, I’d have to say that he is MyISAM — there does not seem to be any transactional integrity. He often crashes during INSERT, and there is no clear way to know his state upon restart. He does seem to have at least provisional ROLLBACK capability though, as we’ve had a few aborted transactions… although the implicit rollback did not leave the table in a completely clean state…


  3. Congrats Jimi and Adrienne!!!

    Did I say to you to get some rest before the birth? If not, I should have… you won’t have time until he’s 20… :D

    Welcome to our world, Liam! Hope you can help us make it a better place!


  4. I’m happy for you, jeremy (and naturally for your wife, who will now have the possibility to share the “burden” with you :-)
    Just wonder why it was not your kid typing this post !! :-)

  5. Congrats Jeremy!

    And let me suggest that the post is not miscategorized if Liam becomes a MySQL hacker. :)

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