MySQL Camp Free Ride goes to Adam Ritter

And, the winner is……

Adam Ritter, of Nashville, Tennessee has been selected by Proven Scaling for a free ride to MySQL Camp!

Adam’s enthusiasm and very quick (within the first few hours of my original post), yet courteous and complete entry impressed us. His excitement to learn, and professionalism sealed the deal. Here’s an excerpt from his entry:

My name is Adam Ritter and I’m a recent Computer Science graduate from UT Knoxville. I’m currently looking for a job and I realized that being a DBA is what I want to do. I had started working with MySQL back in a course on Database Design and Management course I took in school. This course started the fire inside of me but unfortunately, it was over all too soon and I was left wanting to learn more. I’ve read through every intermediate MySQL source I could find, but I’m looking for as much advanced and expert level topics as I can find. I’ve worked on projects utilizing MySQL and have grown very fond of it.

If you’re attending MySQL Camp in a few weeks time, be sure to say hello to Adam!

Thanks, everyone! Keep an eye on my blog early next year for a similar offer for MySQL Conference & Expo 2007!

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