Want a Free Ride to MySQL Camp?

Have you heard of MySQL Camp at Google HQ in Mountain View, California, November 10-12?

Want to go? Can’t go because it’s out in sunny (ha, ha) California, hundreds or thousands of miles/kilometers from where you live?

Maybe you’re a bright student, or maybe you’re currently unemployed, or maybe you’ve got a job, but you just can’t afford to jet out to Mountain View for the weekend. Maybe you contribute code, bug fixes, tools; maybe you run a MySQL Meetup, and just can’t bear the airfare.

Proven Scaling would like to sponsora one such person to attend MySQL Camp! We’ll pay for your airfare and hotel—meals and transportation are on you. If you think you are qualified, you live somewhere in the USA or Canadab and you know you can make the trip, send us (with “MySQL Camp Free Ride” in the subject) the following information:

  • Your full, real name
  • Your blog or website, if any
  • Your company, school, or organization, if any
  • Your location, and closest airport
  • Any contributions you’ve made to MySQL or the MySQL community in the form of code, bug fixes, time, or otherwise
  • Why you feel you are the best or most qualified person for Proven Scaling to sponsor to MySQL Camp
  • Anything else you’d us like to know about yourself as we consider who to sponsor

However, you’d better hurry as you have only the next 60 hours or so to submit your proposal — no proposals will be accepted after midnight Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-8), Friday, October 20, 2006.

Good luck!

Update: Extended (and clarified) the deadline to midnight Friday instead of Thursday morning. Just to be clear: anyone is eligible, not just students.

a And, we’d encourage other companies attending or sponsoring MySQL Camp to do the same!

b If you live elsewhere, such as Europe, and you think you can get to the Bay Area fairly cheaply (lets say, under 1000 USD or so), or if you are just super qualified, feel free to send us your proposal anyway, and include how you propose to get to Mountain View cost effectively.

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