Panoramas of the World

When I first got my Canon PowerShot S230, it came with software for stitching panoramas together, made by Canon. The software worked OK for perfectly-shot panoramas, but it didn’t deal well with differing exposure levels, imperfect alignment, etc., and dealt very poorly with bad angles. Nonetheless, I was immediately hooked on making panoramas.

A year ago or so, I found some software called autostitch, which absolutely rules for stitching panoramas together. The downside is, it only runs on Windows. I have a Mac. On Sunday, I went to the autostitch site, and noticed some new links; they’ve licensed their technology to Kekus Digital, who have made Calico … autostitch for Mac OS X! I downloaded it, tried it out, and bought it immediately.

Here are some of the panoramas I’ve stitched together with it:

Note that if you click on the image on the gallery pages, you will get the full size version, some of which are up to 30MB. Enjoy!

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