Tent Blogging

In case you needed any more proof of how ubiquitous the internet has become, I’m currently sitting in a tent, many miles up a gravel road1, outside of Reno, Nevada. I’m camping solo, since Adrienne is going to Ohio for a few days.

It’s currently a bit after midnight, and I got the tent set up, got in, and noticed that I have full GSM service (thanks, Cingular!) with EDGE support, even. So I logged on in order to chat and tent blog. :)

1 Note that location, in case I get eaten by a bear…

4 thoughts on “Tent Blogging

  1. The Stampede area isn’t that far from civilization. You’ve Truckee just a few miles to your west and Verdi a few to your east.

    Now if you can do this on the Black Rock Desert (or farther north), I’ll be rather impressed. :-)

  2. jcole’s weblog: Jeremy Cole’s take on life. » Blog Archive » rum rum rum DUH

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