DHL: Clueless?

I recently signed up with Vonage, since it seems pretty cool. They sent me the VoIP adapter via DHL, who picked it up on Thursday, April 6th. It was sent 2nd day delivery, which means it should have been delivered on Monday, April 10th. Did I get it? Nope!

All through yesterday, April 10th, the DHL website claimed:

Est. Delivery Date: 4/10/2006

Today, Tuesday, April 11th, I figured I’d give them a call to see what’s up, and when I should expect to really receive the package, since the site still claims that the estimated delivery date is yesterday, which doesn’t inspire much confidence. The conversation went something like this:

DHL: Thanks for calling DHL, what can I help you with?
Me: I was sent a package which was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but I haven’t received it. I tracked the package on your website, and it still claims an estimated delivery date of yesterday, which can’t be right.
DHL: OK, can you give me the tracking number?
Me: OK, (reads tracking number)
DHL: Well, we have a lot of packages and not all of them go out every day etc. etc. … your package is here at the sorting facility, it hasn’t gone out today.
Me: Uh, well, it was sent 2nd day delivery, the 2nd day was yesterday. Should I at least expect to receive it today?
DHL: Well, I can’t really tell you that. I don’t know if it will go out today, it’s still here… I don’t know if you’ll get it today.
Me: Don’t you have some sort of service guarantee, or the shipping is free?
DHL: Uh, uh, I don’t know, you’d have to talk to billing about that, I don’t know anything about that…

What the hell? You are DHL. Your only real business is moving other people’s stuff around. How is this considered customer service?

One thought on “DHL: Clueless?

  1. At least you live in the States. I had to pay customs + taxes on the adapter they sent here to Estonia (since it’s pre-configured) and then it broke about a month or so later. I had to ship it back to them and they sent a replacement, on which I had to pay taxes again. :)

    But the service itself just works, even from the other side of the globe. Now most of the MySQL people I deal more with know about it, but the first couple of weeks did result in quite a few “whatcha doing in the Bay area?” questions. :)

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