Meet me at MySQL UC 2006

Are you coming to the MySQL Users Conference 2006? This year it’s April 24-27, 2006 in Santa Clara, CA. Sadly for me, I don’t get to travel anywhere for the conference: It’s practically in my backyard.

I’m presenting a session and a tutorial, and participating in a Panel and a Hackfest session this year:

  • MySQL GIS: Overview and Tools — I’ll talk about what GIS is useful for, how to get data in and out, and give some demos using PHP.
  • Replication for Scaling and High Availability — An honest look at how replication really works, when it doesn’t work, and what you can expect. An in-depth look at how replication can be used to meet your high availability goals as part of a robust failover system.
  • HackFest A: Creating New UDFs — Build your own UDF, ask questions, see examples, participate in discussion about MySQL’s support for User Defined Functions (UDFs).
  • Panel: Scale Out — Ask questions, compare notes, get expert advice about scaling your high performance MySQL applications.

I’ll see you all there! If you want to meet up with me, or have some ideas for a discussion, BoF, dinner, etc., drop me a line.

3 thoughts on “Meet me at MySQL UC 2006

  1. Our friend Joao was wrong, I think it’s safe to say that THIS is the most boring post ever.

    More posts on artifical food products and rude transit workers!

  2. I am very much interested in the replication session but I am not able to attend the conference. Any chance that you could post some comments and slides?

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