ServerBeach: In their own little world

I noticed yesterday that ServerBeach billed me. I initially thought that was a little odd, since I remember I used to be billed around the 5th of the month, which was a much more convenient time to be billed $149 for me.

I checked into things and noticed that the billing date has been drifting backwards since I opened the account. Here are the billing dates for my account since I opened it: 2005-02-06, 2005-03-06, 2005-04-05, 2005-05-05, 2005-06-04, 2005-07-04, 2005-08-03, 2005-09-02, 2005-10-02, 2005-11-01, 2005-12-01, 2005-12-31, 2005-01-30. Yep, they’ve been billing me every 30 days.

It seems like that fact is evident on the bill, in the form of this line:

Sub-Total (30 Day Charges) $149.00

I opened a support ticket asking about it, and they confirmed and closed my ticket with this:

The ServerBeach billing cycle is a 30 day cycle instead of a monthly cycle. Due to the 30 day billing cycle, your payment date will vary by a day or so every month. We do not have monthly billing at this time.

Come on ServerBeach, join the rest of the world… hire a competent programmer to figure out how to bill monthly, and get that added. I love ServerBeach for every other reason, but this fact I absolutely hate. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “ServerBeach: In their own little world

  1. I’m sure the 30 day billing was actually a bit more complex to implement than monthly. But they get to charge you for 5 (or 6, if it’s a leap year) additional days every month. An extra month every 6 years. Adding up all customers I’m sure it’s a significant enough amount of dough to be worth it.

  2. I’m unconvinced. I’m not even suggesting that they eat the cost of moving to monthly billing. Bill me the same amount per year—just do it once per month instead of every 30 days. I’m OK with my hosting being a per-day charge effectively.

    I’m not OK with the charge drifting by a day every other month.

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