Sallie Mae Confused?

So I logged into today to make the final payment on one of my student loans (yay!) but I’m in a kind of weird position now. According to the billing summary and the “Make a payment” page, I should pay $239.34. But when I go to actually make that payment, I get this error:

The following errors were encountered:
1. The payment amount for a billing group cannot exceed the 5 day payoff amount of $238.83

What do I do now? Guess I have to call them. It won’t let me pay the amount I supposedly owe, and I can only imagine the mess if I underpaid by 51 cents. Ugh.

One thought on “Sallie Mae Confused?

  1. I have a similar situation, but with a much larger amount. Every few months or so I call to get a 10 day pay off just to see where my balance is. After paying 500.00 a month for several months the balance is never more then 400.00 or 500.00 dollars less. Dosen’t make sense to put 1500.00 into something and only have a 400.00 decrease in the balance. To make a long story short when asked about a payoff in Feb 2006 they gave me a balance that was 1000.00 more then December 2005. Now remeber I will make a payment in Jan. Where is my payment going? When I asked for an amortization schedule they told me it wasn’t policy. I wonder if anyone else feels like they are getting robbed and if there is some one/organization trying to do something about it. Something needs to be changed.

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