Today, while I was riding the light rail to work, I was sitting in the articulated section of the train, next to my bike. There was another guy sitting with his bike. He was kind of old, and seemed a little crazy. He kept mumbling to himself and occasionally said non-sensical things to me.

We stopped at a station, and nobody was there. He half stood up, and was looking out the window intensely, and announced to me and the train:

They’ve got rainbow-colored leopards … with six legs!!

I replied, “Um, OK.” Crazy people rule.

Update: Well, things are not always as they seem. We took light rail downtown tonight to see a movie, and upon the train stopping at San Fernando station, what did we see? Rainbow-colored leopards, with six legs. Or at least art that appears to be such. Maybe the guy is slightly (but not much) less crazy than I thought.

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