Tasty Hot Dogs

“Tasty Hot Dogs” — If you grew up in midwest America, that’s probably not a phrase you would imagine constructing. I’m pretty sure, in all my young and impressionable years, that I never had a hot dog I would have considered to be “tasty”, but they do indeed exist!

Hebrew National makes some of the tastiest hot dogs I’ve ever had. So tasty, in fact, that it’s almost wrong to call them “hot dogs” (and in fact they don’t, they’re strictly called “Beef Franks”). They’re Kosher, so they only use certain good parts of the meat, which makes an amazing difference. They have no preservatives. They’re a healthy red color instead of a sickening pink, and they smell good even before you cook them. They taste incredibly good.

Now, if only I could figure out why they put seven in a package. What do I do with the extra bun?

2 thoughts on “Tasty Hot Dogs

  1. You’re from the midwest, how could you forget about Best kosher hot dogs? Those are even better than Hebrew National!

  2. By and large, any hot dogs that are considered “Kosher” you will find to be great in taste. Also you might consider trying Nathan’s hot dogs, or (if you can get them) Sabrett’s. Sabrett’s and Nathan’s are pretty much the “Gold Standard” of kosher beef franks in the NY region.

    Nathan’s I know you can find out there, but Sabrett’s you might have to mail-order (or, if you wanted, I could dry ice you some if you were interested in it). I know when I was living in CA, a couple Yahoos and I ordered some from a mail-order company and split them up. It was a taste of home. :-)

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