Getting My License in Silicon Valley

You would think that, in Silicon Valley, a few computers would be involved in getting your license. The DMV system here is, however, quite low tech. Basically you go there, and this is the process:

  1. arrive at the DMV, in a residential neighborhood in a bad area of town
  2. circle the parking lot for 15 minutes trying to park
  3. spend 10 minutes figuring out where to wait for step 4
  4. wait in line
  5. take a number (from a person, although it was printed by a queue machine) and a form
  6. wait in the waiting area for an indeterminate amount of time while filling out your form
  7. when your number is called, go to a counter
  8. answer some questions, take a paper
  9. wait in line
  10. get your picture taken, take another paper
  11. wait in line
  12. more questions, take a written test form
  13. fill out the test form (you can miss 6 for an out-of-state transfer)
  14. wait in line
  15. give them the test form, answer more questions, get a temporary license paper
  16. wait up to four weeks to receive your new license, since they don’t print them on-site

How I yearn for the technology of Kansas, Tennessee, and Ohio. Wait. Don’t we live in Silicon Valley? I can’t wait for the fun times that are sure to follow when we try to transfer our vehicle registrations to California and get license plates.

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