Interesting Systems: Trakm8

Yesterday, at the MySQL User Conference 2005, I hosted a Birds of a Feather session on MySQL and GIS. I spoke with a couple of guys from Trakm8, a company from Dorset, England. They have a very fascinating system built on top of MySQL’s GIS support and some of their custom tracking devices. They showed me their software and we discussed their platform. I gave them some (hopefully useful) tips regarding MySQL.

Their system includes an embedded PC, a GPS, and a GPRS modem (cell phone), and given some power is able to track a vehicle (or anything else) anywhere within coverage of the cell network. This is exactly the kind of people and projects/products I was hoping to get at my BoF session. As an aside, there’s a funny BBC story on Trakm8 that’s definitely worth a read and a chuckle. Awesome work guys, and good luck!

One thought on “Interesting Systems: Trakm8

  1. You will find the up to date platforms on our current site. I apologise if the trakm8 1 platform shown in your pictures was still availableon our old site. This platform only works on SMS text messges on GSM unlike the new ones that you correctly say works on GPRS. PS now making progress in the US market and looking for interested disties.

    Tim Evans Sales & Marketing Director trakm8

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