Stealing from People

Christy and Greg have been performing a very interesting social experiment in deviant behaviour: What would someone do if you just took something from their shopping cart?

This fascinates me, as I’m always up for a good-natured social experiment. When I was in high school, I tried one of my own: I did not shave for about three weeks. During the latter half of the three weeks, I looked completely homeless and ragged. I made mental notes about the differences in the way teachers and students acted towards me, using my “old self” as a baseline. The reality was, regardless of what people say, and how much they think they don’t pre-judge people, they do.

Everyone acted completely different around me, not being nice to me, being very short with me, not wanting to be seen with me, etc. Fascinating. Oh well, back to the story at hand: Read all about Christy and Greg’s findings.

3 thoughts on “Stealing from People

  1. I thought you always looked scruffy in high school. Or maybe the only time I remember you in high school was during the 3 weeks of your experiment.

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