That’s what happens to a big-ass pickup truck with giant tires and a lift kit when you slam on the brakes.

Yesterday evening, while driving home from work at about 7:30pm, traffic was moving OK on the 101 South. Some asshole in the aforementioned big-ass pickup decided he needed to pass someone so that he could resume his speed of 2x the average. He accelerated to said speed, soon after noticing that the traffic ahead was basically stopped, and slammed on his brakes, mid-pass. The combination of turning, slamming on brakes, and going entirely too fast made for some somewhat entertaining, but scary events.

The truck looked like it spun out on ice. It went completely around, and then fishtailed back and forth 180 degrees around five or six times while he was trying to regain control. He finally regained directional control, facing the wrong way, and drove up an onramp (the wrong way) to get out of the middle of the highway, and most likely to find somewhere to change his pants. Amazingly lucky guy. He almost killed himself and about 20 others in his fishtailing, and very nearly flipped the truck.

This was all about one hundred yards in front of me, I was the next car behind him. Yikes.

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