Seat Vultures

According to the people at Orientation, Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale campus, where I am working, is running at 100% capacity at the moment. This leads to some funny situations:

We’re sitting at a table having a nice lunch, we’re finished eating, so we get up. This leaves three available seats. Immediately, before we’ve even walked away from the table there are three people right there, taking our seats.

Seat vultures. :)

2 thoughts on “Seat Vultures

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Random off-topic comment :) …

    but I wanted to share with you this spiffy WordPress plugin I found.

    My post is on the blizzog, titled AuthImage Comment Validation.

    I don’t know if you have issues with comment spambots hitting your blog, but I assume you do, as they have been hitting mine at a relatively constant pace. This thing does image validation, requiring the person commenting to enter the text from an image into an input field. This does the trick and should save me oodles of time.

    Since you introduced me to WordPress, only fair to share this with you. :)

    Hope you find it helpful.

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