Moving to California

We’re in the process of moving to California (as you probably figured). So far so good. We don’t have much stuff, so packing up is easy.

Hopefully we can move directly into an apartment out there, but we’ll see. So far, this is the plan:

  • Friday, November 26thUnited Van Lines is packing up our stuff.
  • Saturday, November 27th – Clean up of apartment and move-out inspection, start drive towards Clarksville. This web site goes down due to packing up the server.
  • Sunday, November 28th – Hand off Nalle to Jason, depart towards west.
  • Monday, November 29th to Friday, December 3rd – Drive via Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.
  • Saturday, December 4th – Move in to new apartment?
  • Sunday, December 5th – Web sites are back up?
  • Monday, December 6th – Start work at Yahoo!
  • Friday, December 17th – Jason flies to California with Nalle.

2 thoughts on “Moving to California

  1. You taking I-80 over the CA/NV border or highway 50?

    Either way, watch the weather. If it’s snowing a lot, they’ll require chains on the vehicle to make it over Donner Pass on I-80 on the Northwest side of Lake Tahoe.

  2. Jeremy, if you’re on I-80 and near Chicago, you’re only minutes away from my house…give me ‘ring’, maybe we can meet for lunch or whatnot.

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