JeremyZ’s Favorite Database?

This is kind of old news, but I wanted to put it in my blog anyway, as perhaps some of you haven’t seen it, and so I won’t lose it. :)

On June 15, 2004, LinuxWorld interviewed Jeremy Zawodny and Derek Balling regarding their new book, High Performance MySQL. They asked the following question:

LinuxWorld: You must have experienced lots of different databases of information over the years – what was your favorite use for a database system?

Jeremy Zawodny: That’s a tough one. I (Jeremy) really like the aviation database that Jeremy Cole (MySQL AB’s training manager) has been building. He’s combined freely available information from the FAA and NTSB with MySQL and a simple Web interface in a way that brings together previously separate and hard-to-find information. If you want to know which airports or airlines experience the most delays, it’ll tell you. If you want to know what types of planes American Eagle flies, it’ll tell you.

He is of course referring to my project, FlightStats.

What do you think?

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