Edible Moles?

My cat, Nalle, managed to get ahold of a small mole today. At least I think it was a mole.

The story: When I open the main front door of my apartment, there is another glass door. That door doesn’t match up with the floor exactly, so there is a somewhat sizable gap between the door and the doorframe. I’ve had the main door open for the past few days because it’s been nice outside, and Nalle is usually sitting right in front of the door, staring incessantly out the door.

Today, I found out why the door had been getting so much attention from the cat. She was sitting in front of it like normal, and all of the sudden she’s in the middle of the room and I am hearing “EEEEEK SQUEEAAAAKKK!!” and I look over and there is a small grey-black rodent running around in my living room, with a cat in tow. She picks up the rodent in her mouth, doesn’t know what to do, spits it out again, and proceeds to chase it around. I grabbed a jar, and after a bit of a chase, scooped it up and, since it wasn’t going anywhere, examined it.

It seemed to be a mole. It was about mouse-sized, grey-black, and had a very pointy nose, and very very small eyes. Its tail was about half the length of a normal mouse’s tail. I let it go back outside, where it quickly ran into one of the holes in my front garden area. Bad kitty.

What do you think?

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