I’m falling fast, tumbling through rocks and water. Flipping over and on the side, grunting with every rock hitting my ribs. Tumbling, tumbling, but then it all stops. For a moment hanging in air and then slamming full-force into a rock face. I grab on with all my might, and the tumbling stops.

Looking below, it must be 300 feet. No, 600 feet. I can barely see where the water is falling into the pool below. I stop to breathe, and suddenly realize I’ve got to get off of this rock face… there are many small rocks under my feet, and the rock around me looks liable to crack up any time. There’s a small path that leads to the edge of the waterfall. Just a small hop and I’ll be on solid ground.

From the edge of the waterfall I can see the huge expanse of a valley, the pool below, and the small stream of water cascading down this huge expanse into a large pool of bluish green water far, far below. This must have once been a great river, something with real force had to have cut this gorge. It’s a beautiful and serene site, there isn’t a single other soul around.

I feel very alone and very disconnected. I can’t share this with anyone, and my heart hasn’t stopped racing from the fall. I need to go back. I need to get someone. Who knew this was here? How did I miss it? I need to get my camera. How did I come this far without my camera?

I start walking back on the path, accross creeks and through small pools. Through the woods, small paths. I found my house, this place must be behind my house somewhere. I don’t recognize this house, but it must be mine, it feels like it’s mine. I know where everything is, my stuff is inside. Why do I live in a strange house? Where is everyone? No one is home.. no one noticed I was gone.

I need to get my camera. I need to go back, to take pictures of this place… to show other people it exists. I try to follow my path back but there are so many forks in the path… so many wrong turns. I don’t recognize this path, I don’t see my footprints in the mud. I don’t know where I’m going. I can share it with people now if only I could find it, but I can’t. I can’t find this paradise that I once had. Why didn’t I stay? I could’ve been selfish and had it to myself, but I left. I wanted to share it with everyone, but now I’ve lost it.

What do you think?

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