Cruel Joke at TSA?

The TSA is a joke. TSA means Transportation Safety Administration, those are the new government types who screen bags at airports.

Anyway, I have been wondering for a while if the TSA is just playing a cruel joke on us passengers. You see, let me explain. You’re not allowed to have any sort of semi sharp objects on the plane. No nail clippers, scissors, wire cutters, etc. Nothing.

When you go to check in they take your baggage away and let you go through security. You fly to your destination and pick up your bags and start your way back to the hotel. After arriving at the hotel you think, oh, let me just put on my shorts and relax at the hotel! So, you go to open your luggage and what do you find? They sealed it shut, OK. That makes sense, wouldn’t want someone to tamper. However, they used a semi-permanent industrial strength zip tie to seal it shut. And you weren’t allowed to take any sharp object through security.

So now you’re at the hotel struggling to get your luggage open with your teeth and pens and anything sharp you can find in a hotel room.

Yup, all a cruel, cruel joke.

What do you think?

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