We made it!

Adrienne and I are currently in Grenoble, France. Overall the trip so far has been good… the flights were pretty uneventful, and we arrived in Paris on Saturday. We saw the Eiffel tower, and got rained on, so we didn’t make it to the top level, only to the 2nd platform. Yesterday, we took the TGV train to Grenoble, which was awesome as usual.

After a bit of a snafu with the hotel booking, we finally got a hotel. I booked the hotel for Grenoble using Yahoo!’s self-booking travel system, and it claimed that the hotel was quite close to the office here, but it turns out it was an hour away, by car. We’re now staying in the IBIS Grenoble Gare hotel downtown.

Grenoble is a really nice city! It’s surrounded by amazing mountains, and the city has a very nice feel to it—I could live here! Adrienne’s out wandering around today, so we’ll see what she finds.